an icon in the heart of cape town

FOCAL POINT: Residents: choose their view of the Cape Town skyline. Investors: focused on growth and results. Retailers: become the focal point of choice for discerning diners and shoppers.

LANDMARK: A new shape on the Cape Town skyline. A beacon for future generations. Capturing the impressive scale of the development.

MOBY: This development is big. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s own it. It is big news. It is a big deal for residential and retail space in the CBD. With this direction, we are inviting residents and retailers to be a part of something big. It’s big, but although the name refers to its sheer size, it has a friendly feel. CLIENT CHOICE: ONE HUNDRED Cape Town. Inspired by its address. The icon represents the cascading architecture, ever-growing and inclusive CBD and sheer scale of the development.